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Sumner-Fredericksburg School District



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Blue Gym and Fitness Schedule


Facility Rental and Use




Adopted February 13, 2012


All groups (A, B, C) must sign liability, user agreements, and contract prior to use.


Group A

Non-local organizations, other school districts, and individuals

Group B

All non-profit local organizations, civic organizations, churches and youth groups as defined below:

  • ●Certify that at least 60% of the children participating are residents of Sumner CSD or Fredericksburg CSD; and
  • ●Demonstrate nonprofit status as defined by Section 501(c) of the IRS Code or
  • ●Be parallel to the purpose of enriching the lives and education of children.

The cost for these groups is 50% of the Group A rate

Group C

Includes Fredericksburg CSD or Sumner CSD events, programs, educational meetings (including all staff or student meetings) and affiliated Fredericksburg CSD or Sumner CSD support organizations such as booster clubs, foundations, etc.

The group must be a funded or school approved activity or must apply to the Superintendent or his/her designee to be affiliated with district

There is no charge to these groups, unless a charge is required by state law.

FEES (All fees are one [1] hour minimum unless noted.)



Football/Baseball/Softball Fields (Organized Group Use)                                  Track (Organized Group Use)

  • ●Practice $10                                                                                                             *    High School $20
    • ●Main $20                                                                                                                                                 •   Lighted $10 per hour additional charge
  • ●Lighted $10 per hour additional charge

Gyms (Organized Group Use)                                                                                Student Center $25

  • ●Elementary $10
  • ●High School $20

Fitness Center                                                                                                       Kitchen $100 (per event/day)

  • ●$5 per individual daily use
  • ●Yearly use fee ($ 25)

Auditorium $50 (for up to 4 hours, $10 per hour, each hour beyond four per day)


Concession Stand ($50 event/day)                                                                          Library/Media Center $20



  • ●General $10
  • ●Lab--Science $20
  • ●Art $20
  • ●Music $20
  • ●Family Con Sci $20
  • ●Shop/Industrial Tech $25

Groups in category A or B are required to pay a $25 deposit for each rental at the time of scheduling. The deposit will be returned if cancellation notice is made at least 72 hours in advance. Group C users will be required to pay a $25 charge if a cancellation notice is not provided 72 hours in advance.

The cost of custodial workers, food service personnel, security: $20 per hour unless waived by the building principal, director of maintenance, or superintendent. Minimum custodial fee/cost is three hours or $60.

INDIVIDUAL: A fob/key deposit of $10 is also required. Fob/key rights are NOT transferable. The fob/key holder must be present and use is granted only to immediate fob/key holder family members. Current students are not eligible for a fob/key until they graduate and are at least 18 years of age. Deposit returned when fob/key returned.







1. Requests for the use of a facility shall be approved in advance according to board policy and administrative procedure.

2. Charges will be calculated from the time the facility is opened to the time it is closed.

3. Requests for use of a facility shall be made to the building principal for approval.

4. Any changes in a scheduled event shall be approved in advance by the building principal.

5. The building/facility may not be used 10:00 PM-6:00 AM without prior approval.

6. The activity shall not interfere with the normal use of the building/facility by school personnel or students, nor shall the use of the facility cause undue wear. The renter will be responsible for replacement/restoration of any damage to equipment or facility, as well as replacement of lost or damaged fobs or keys.

7. No areas will be rented where personal property is not properly secured.

8. Kitchen facilities shall not be used unless specifically requested. When kitchen use is required, a member of the school cafeteria staff must be present at all times.

9. Permission shall be obtained if furniture or equipment is to be moved or if decorations or signs will be attached to walls, ceilings, or fixtures. No alterations to the facilities are allowed. The renter/user will be responsible for replacement/restoration of any damage.

10. The sponsor of the activity has direct responsibility for the use of safety, welfare, and actions of persons participating in the activity; for seeing that building regulations concerning food, drinks, and tobacco are observed; and for damages to the building or equipment. The sponsor or a qualified representative shall be present when the first participants are expected to arrive and shall remain until all have departed.

11. All fire safety codes and regulations shall be strictly followed and adhered to at all times.

12. Auditorium use requiring stage/house lighting and/or sound board will require the use of a district trained or approved personnel at all times. Fees may be charged.

13. The district shall not be responsible for props, non-school equipment and/or personal items belonging to persons using school facilities.

14. No outside food or drink will be allowed without prior approval.

15. The use of any type of tobacco or alcohol is prohibited in all school buildings and on all school property.

16. Failure to leave facilities in good condition or failure to use the facility in adherence to this policy may result in denial of future use by the individual or group for a period of up to one year. Requests by a violating party after one year shall be considered on a case-by case basis.

17. When school/buildings are closed for safety or weather related reasons, all rental agreements are cancelled and use by individuals is prohibited. Deposits will be refunded.

18. Use of the Fitness Center and presence in Fitness Center by individuals 12 and under is prohibited. Individuals 13-17 must have an adult (18 or older) supervising Fitness Center activities/use. Individuals 13 and older who are currently enrolled students (7-12) must have a non-student adult supervisor (18 or older).

19. Fitness Center/Gym users must be appropriately attired. NO street shoes are to be used in the gym or Fitness Center.