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Sumner-Fredericksburg School District



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Tell the truth to teachers on duty

Turn in any items left behind to Lost & Found


Go directly to where you’re going

Do what you were sent to do

Return to class when finished

Follow the line rules

Be on time

Go directly to the bathroom

Do what you were sent to do

Go directly back to class

Sit in your own seat

Be honest with the bus driver

Sit at your spot




Treat others the way you want to be treated

Follow the directions of the teacher

Use line basics

Use quiet or no voices

Greet or nod/wave to others you meet

Wait patiently

Use good table manners

Say “Please” and “No Thank You”

Sit peacefully

Use quiet voices

Give others their privacy


Use appropriate language

Cooperate with driver and other riders

Stay seated

Cheer and applaud

Stand still and no talking for the national anthem

Be on time


Play safely with others

Do as the teacher says

Set a good example with quiet voice and walking

Follow the route taught by the teacher

Stay at your spot

Put tray, trash, and utensils in proper area


Report unsafe conditions to an adult

Keep floors dry


Stay at your spot

Follow safety rules

Keep track of your belongings

Behavior to match the activity

Sit at your seat


Take turns

Include others in play

Share the equipment

Stay in your place in line

Wait your turn

Wait your turn


Wait your turn

In emergency, let others go first

One person per stall

Protect other’s privacy

Sit in your seat

Offer peaceful solution to the problem

Wait your turn




Invite others into games

Follow the rules

Help those who are hurt


Use quiet or no voices

Help others if needed

Greet or nod/wave to others you meet

Say “Please” and “Thank You”

Help those in need

Use appropriate words

Keep area clean

Get help if someone is sick or needs help

Use kind words

Help others on and off bus if needed

Offer a seat

Encourage others

Be a good audience




Keep it clean and safe

Take care of equipment

Return equipment

Pick up items on floor

Report problems to an adult

Be quiet

Keep your eating area clean



Report problems

Keep bathroom area clean and safe

Use only towels and soap needed

Keep your bus clean

Report problems to the bus driver

Obey bus rules

Clean up your area

Be thankful


 Background and Logo

Durant Elementary is proud to be a PBIS school. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports and supports our Character Counts program. As part of the PBIS process, we have established clear expectations for the behavior in all areas of our school, for example, the classroom, lunchroom, restroom, hallway, transportation, recess, and special activities. Our staff uses common language to recognize our students for doing positive things throughout the day. We celebrate our success each month with an ENCORE celebration in which we bring our whole school together for an assembly to recognize grade levels, classrooms, and students for their outstanding effort in various educational areas!