Here is a list of questions that have been asked ... These will be broken down by date asked ...

May 11, 2022

What happens to the unused building(s)?    Sold, donated,  kept for storage, razed,  or other purposes to be determined.  

Durant for sure, and potentially F'burg Elementary?  See above.

What about all the playground space and equipment?   A lot of the playground equipment is older and may not be able to be moved.  If that is the case, new would be purchased.  

If option 2 is picked, how will PK be run? 

Will it become all day those days?   At this time, there is no funding for the second half of the day, which can make it extremely difficult for parents to afford to pay for the second half of the day.

Will the school shuttle kids throughout the day if not?    Yes, the district would transport the littles to and from Sumner.

Will Sumner parents be expected to transport?    See Answer to the Question above.

If option 3 is picked now, will there likely be a push to get to 2 buildings down the road?    To be honest, that has not been discussed.  Any bond would be paid back over 20-25 years, so the district is bound to those buildings, which I am on record of saying.   Now with that said, I cannot speak for future boards, administration, or the community that might feel differently if enrollment would see a huge or rapid increase/decrease or a natural disaster would occur.

Is one building the ultimate end goal with all of the restructuring that continues happening?    That has never been a serious discussion at the board table.   In working with ISG, it was asked at a facilities meeting and the estimate was in the $35-45 million dollar figure, which the district cannot bond for, so that has never been seriously discussed.

If option 2 is chosen, what time will school be starting for the little kids? Especially PK, K & 1st grades. They are looking at a lot of time being transported from home, to the shuttle, to school and back.   At this time, we will be keeping start times, at the approximate times that they are now.   Start times could fluctuate due to a lot of circumstances that we cannot control, but will be taken into consideration.   

If option 3 is chosen will Sumner parents have the option to shuttle their elementary aged kids to Fredericksburg's Elementary building if they prefer?    That happens sometimes now but on a case by case basis, and if Option 3 is chosen, I don't see a reason that it could not, as long as it does not create an imbalance in class sizes.