This page is for compliance of new requirements for schools to share to parents and our communities.

Link for a Public Records Request

The Sumner-Fredericksburg Community School District is committed to maintaining a high level of transparency and providing any member of the public access to public records maintained by the school district. Under Iowa law, “every person [has] the right to examine and copy and to publish or otherwise disseminate public records.” The S-F CSD has developed a public records request process to assist members of the public in gaining access to public records. The link below is a form for public record requests.

*Student records requests are submitted through the student's school by contacting the school's administrative team.


Link To The School Library Database

Links To Review Classroom Instructional Materials

Elementary School

Ms. Hoth - Elementary Principal

Mrs. Boltz - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Buhman - Title I

Mr. Coyle - PE

Mr. Gates - 4th Grade

Mrs. Hammond - 1st Grade

Mrs. Harkrader - Kindergarten

Ms. Henniges - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Hrdlicka - Resource

Mr. Jurgenson - Music

Jeff Meyer - 3rd Grade

Ms. Njus - Kindergarten

Mrs. Petersen - Preschool

Mr. Krueger - 1st Grade

Mrs. Lowry - 2nd Grade

Mrs. O'Brien - Kindergarten

Mr. Price - 2nd Grade

Mrs. Schmitt - Preschool

Mrs. Steege - 4th Grade

Mrs. Taplin - 3rd Grade

Mrs. Volker - Kindergarten

Middle School

Mr. Matlage, Superintendent / Principal

Mr. Tranbarger - Lit/Lang

Mrs. Kenen - Math

Mrs. Priebe - Resource

Mrs. Haught - Lit/Lang

Mrs. Sittig - Resource

Mrs. Bullerman - School Counselor

Mrs. Maher - Lit/Lang

Mr. Crawford - Social Studies

Mrs. Rucker - Science

Mr. Schmitt - Math

Mr. Sorenson - Lit / Lang

Mr. Taylor Volker - Resource

Mrs. Sorenson - PE / Health

Mrs. Owen - Art

Mr. Nuss - Science

Mrs. Kroenecke - District TAG/AD

Mr. Carpenter - Social Studies

Mr. Meier - Lit/Lang/Computers

Ms. Ingwersen - Band

High School

Mr. Johnson - Principal

Mrs. Blanchard - ELA

Mrs. Bolte - Social Studies

Mrs. Brinkman - Math

Mr. Harrenstein - Resource

Mr. Huegel - Resource

Mrs. Jones - PE / Health

Mr. Koch - Band / At-Risk

Mr. Leete - Art

Mrs. Oberbroeckling - Spanish / ELL

Mr. O'Hern - Science

Mrs. Price - Science

Mr. Quickley - Social Studies / HS AD

Mrs. Reinke - Math

Mrs. Robertson - ELA / Yearbook

Mr. Kurt Volker - Director of Student Success